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Bullish Jason Trading

Not just a trading style, but a lifestyle

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Meet Jason

     My Name is Jason. I have recently graduated from the University of South Florida. I earned my Finance degree with a concentration in Asset Management. Throughout my tenure in college, I gained knowledge about investing, portfolio management and other insights within the industry. This allowed me to feel out and understand exactly what my career would be once I graduate.

     Towards the end of  my college career, I decided I wanted to attempt to trade for myself to see what I can potentially accomplish. When I decided this, I put together everything I have learned in the past few years from the university along with the experience I’ve had since I was 16 years old. With this knowledge, I have put together a system which allows me to be a successful trader and continuously grow my knowledge.  

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Why Choose Me?

With the system I have created and share with my subscribers, I believe it can enhance an individuals trading style, and allow for learning of technical analysis, volume profiles and unusual activity.

Live Alerts

Throughout each trading day, I alert when I buy an option, and when I sell an option. These are real-time alerts with no delay.


Need a chart? Just ask! I take chart requests every day from members. Along with this, I will post charts to every play that I provide in the live alerts section. This shows my entry, target, and exit.

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My service is not just an alert service. I want to teach you how to be a successful trader. I will attempt to show you how to trade my exact style. Questions are always welcomed!

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More Than 5 Years Of Market Experience!

Clients Feedback

5 Star Rating

Taking that profit and going into the weekend all cash. Great way to end the week. Thanks Jason  for the CRM and ULTA alerts!

- Shawn (Discord Member)

5 Star Rating

Closed the week with $1,492 in profits. Achieved huge gains from TSLA, WDAY, TWTR, DPZ, SPY and QQQ. Pulled the sell trigger a bit early on PYPL and ROKU. But, an excellent way to start the week! Thanks Jason!

- Tom (Discord Member)

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